Ricardo Yasuda

Ricardo Yasuda

Using Notion for 1:1s

Recently I've started to hold regular 1:1s with members on my team, as part of a transition to the Engineering Manager role. I was having regular 1:1s with my manager also, so now things were starting to get out of control: I had to have notes on all meetings, and some action points that were result of those meetings. How could I keep things organized?

Notion to the rescue!

Notion is a platform for organization and knowledge base. It has an interesting concept of blocks that can be anything: a paragraph, a title, a list, a table and so on. It also has templates, which you can use to create repetitive blocks, or sets of blocks.

How do I use Notion to organize my 1:1s?

Linked databases for tasks

First, I create a main To Do list for everything work related, so I don't lose track of my tasks. Then, I create a tag for each 1:1, and assign that tag for tasks that are related to that 1:1, like "Buy conference tickets for Mary", with the tag "1:1 Mary".

Add tag for 1:1

Then I create a page for each person, containing the notes about each session, and the To Do list, filtered by that tag that I created. You can do that by creating a linked database, getting data from that main database, and filter it by tag. In this example, the tag is "1:1 Mary". That way, any change I make in that task is reflected on all boards. Pretty cool!

Create linked database Select the main To Do list Filter database by tag

Template button

Another way to keep things organized is having notes of each 1:1 session. To speed up this, I've created a template to add new 1:1 session notes, with a template button.

Create a template button

All you have to do is give the button a name, and write the blocks that will be created when you click that button. Simple, but effective.

Configure the template button

And the result is this:



The example I've shown here is available at my Notion Workspace. Remember to set the database visualization as "Board View".